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Book VI, Letter 25

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To Maximus of Salona.

Gregory to Maximus, intruder in the Church of Salona.

While, seeking this or that excuse, you defer obedience to our letters, while you put off coming to us for ascertainment of the truth after being so often admonished, you lend credibility all the more to what is alleged against you; and, even though there had been nothing else to go against you and do you harm, your delay alone would render you culpable and accuse you. Humble yourself at length, and submit yourself to obedience, and make haste to come to us without any excuses, that, the truth being investigated and ascertained, in the fear of God, whatever may be fair and canonical may be decided. For be assured that we will observe towards you justice and the ordinances of the canons, and, by the revelation of God, who is the Author of truth, will terminate your cause agreeably to justice. For, as to your demand that we should send some one to your city, in whose presence there might be proof of the things alleged, this would be in some degree excusable, if reason ever imposed on the accused the necessity of proof. But, inasmuch as this burden lies not on you but on your accusers, do not thou hesitate to come to us, as we have before said, putting it off no longer; and either your accuser will be present without delay to support with suitable proof what has been alleged as to simoniacal heresy or other things; or certainly, as far as regards a sound settlement of this business, a just dealing with it will, through the intervention of Peter, Prince of the apostles, ensue; that so no guiltiness may confound us before God for any connivance, now that these things have come to our knowledge. But, as to your allegation that our most serene lords have ordered cognizance of the matter to be taken in your city, we indeed have received no other commands of theirs on the subject except that thou were to come to us. But, even if by chance, occupied as they are by many thoughts and anxieties for the good of their republic which by the divine bounty has been granted to them, this has been suggested to them, and a command has been surreptitiously elicited from them, yet, inasmuch as it is known to us and to all how our most pious lords love discipline, observe degrees, venerate the canons, and refrain from mixing themselves up in the causes of priests, we will still execute with instancy what is for the good both of their souls and of the republic, and what we are driven to by regard to the terrible and tremendous judgment.

Cease then from all excuses, and delay not to appear here, that, fortified by investigation of the truth, we may at length bring your cause to a termination. But, whereas we have been informed that you are greatly afraid and altogether in trepidation lest we should avenge on you the known fact of your having forced your way irregularly into the order of priesthood without our consent, this was indeed an intolerable misdemeanour: but, in accordance with the commands of our most serene lord the Emperor, we forgive you this, provided that thou in no wise persist any longer in the error of your contumacy; and we are by no means moved against you on this account. But other things that have been reported to us we cannot suffer to pass without enquiry.

Now inasmuch as we long ago sent you a letter warning you by no means to dare to celebrate the solemnities of mass till we should ascertain the will of the said our most serene lord, and as you have cunningly contrived that this letter should not come into your hands, though thou nevertheless knew in one way or another what its purport was, but hast refused to comply with it — we therefore confirm what was before sent you in writing, that you must not dare to celebrate the solemnities of mass until all that has been alleged against you has been thoroughly enquired into and sifted. And, if, with perverse daring, you should presume to celebrate, know that you are not free from the former threat of interdiction from communion. For, even though there were no other transgressions, we deprive you of the communion of the body and blood of the Lord for this sin of pride alone. Wherefore, showing the obedience that becomes you, make haste, as we have said, with all diligence to come to us; but so as to have a space of thirty days for preparing for your journey; and so, laying aside all excuses, defer not your appearance here.

Moreover, if any occasion of hindering your journey has arisen from the judges, or the military force, or the people, we acknowledge the skilfulness with which things are done. Do you yourself, then, see what account of this obligation, you can render either to men here or to Almighty God in the future judgment, having by your contempt provoked a strict sentence against you.

Furthermore, it has come to my knowledge that my brother and fellow bishop Paulinus, and Honoratus, archdeacon of the Church of Salona , for having refused to give assent to your presumption are suffering grievous molestation at your hands, so as to have been constrained to give sureties to the end that may not be at liberty to leave the city or their own houses. If this is so, do thou on receipt of this present writing, returning at last, though late, to a sound mind, desist from molesting either of them, that they may have free license either to come to me if they wish, or to go anywhere else for their advantage.

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