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CD-ROM Support Page

My CD-ROM doesn't do anything; it just makes a loud vibrating noise.

Don't worry: this is the CD's fault, not your computer's. This flaw occurred during the manufacture of one of the recent batches.

If you received one of the CDs from this batch, please accept our apologies. To request a replacement CD free of charge, send an email to Kevin Knight at (Please include your shipping address.) There's no need to return the defective CD.

Why does the CD-ROM send me to the Internet?

The CD is not actually sending you to the Internet; it just looks that way.

Many people don't realize that the browser software (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape) that you use to visit web pages can also be used to view files stored on your hard drive or CD-ROM drive. That's what should be happening with this CD: it opens your web browser, but the web browser is actually viewing the files on the CD-ROM.

To confirm this, take a look at the address line in your browser. If it starts with "http", you're on the Internet. But if starts with anything else, you're almost certainly looking at files on your own computer. (To confirm this even further, try using the CD-ROM with your phone line or Internet connection unplugged. It should still work, because all 11,600 articles are stored on the CD that you purchased.)

I'm trying to run the CD-ROM on Mac OS 9, but I keep getting an error saying "application/translators cannot be found."

We were stumped about this ourselves, until one of our resourceful Mac users suggested the following steps:

  1. Insert CD-ROM
  2. Open Internet Explorer for Mac OS 9
  3. Select "Work Offline"
  4. Choose "Open File" from the "File" pull-down menu
  5. Find the Catholic Encyclopedia icon on your desktop
  6. Open it in the "File Choice" window
  7. Select "index.htm"
  8. Click on "Open"

I tried running the CD-ROM using Windows, but nothing happens when I click on the icon.

Another user sent this helpful solution: "I solved the problem by highlighting 'Index', clicking on Properties and under the heading asking me to pick a program to open the software with, I arbitrarily chose Netscape. (You can also choose Internet Explorer if you prefer.) The Index icon then appeared with the notation telling me it is using 'Mozilla markup language.' I clicked on it and the Encyclopedia ran. I then installed the whole thing on my hard drive and everything works just fine."

It takes a long time to copy these files from the CD-ROM to my hard drive.

This problem originates with the way that Windows handles multiple files; in this case, the sheer number of files on this CD (more than 23,000 files) can slow the system. It eventually works, but it can take a great amount of time -- in some cases, up to forty hours. (It can be run directly from the disc in the meantime.)

The instructions say to "create a directory on your desktop." How do I do this?

To make a new directory on a computer running Windows: (1) Move your cursor to a blank spot on your desktop; (2) Right-click the mouse button; (3) On the menu that appears, move your cursor over "New"; (4) This will bring up another menu, where you should left-click "Folder."

That's all there is to it. From there, you can open the CD-ROM and drag the files from the disc to the newly created folder.

The instructions say to "open the CD-ROM drive." How do I do this?

To open the CD-ROM, (1) insert the disc into the CD-ROM; (2) click on the "My Computer" icon on your screen; (3) click on the "Catholic Encyclopedia" icon; (4) click on the "Inbox" icon.


If you have further questions or concerns about your CD-ROM, please write us at

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