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Ubaghs, Casimir - Born at Bergélez-Fauquemont, 26 November, 1800; died at Louvain, 15 February, 1875
Ubaldus, Saint - Confessor, Bishop of Gubbio, born of noble parents at Gubbio, Umbria, Italy, towards the beginning of the twelfth centry; died there, Whitsuntide, 1168
Ubanghi - Vicariate Apostolic; formerly part of the Vicariate of French Congo, erected on 14 Oct., 1890
Ubanghi, Belgian - In Belgian Congo, separated on 7 April, 1911, from the Vicariate of the Belgian Congo and entrusted to the Capuchins
Ubanghi-Chari - Prefecture Apostolic in Equatorial Africa
Uberaba - Suffragan diocese of Marianna, in Brazil
Ubertino of Casale - Leader of the Spirituals, born at Casale of Vercelli, 1259; died about 1330
Ubiquitarians - A Protestant sect started at the Lutheran synod of Stuttgart, 19 December, 1559, by John Brenz
Ucayali - Prefecture Apostolic in Peru
Uccello - Painter, born at Florence, 1397; died there, 1475
Udine - The capital of a province and archdiocese in Friuli, northern Italy
Ugento - Situated in the Province of Leece, in Apulia, on the Gulf of Tarentum
Ughelli, Ferdinando - Historian (1595-1670)
Uhtred - An English Benedictine theologian and writer
Ujejski, Cornelius - Polish poet (1823-1897)
Ulenberg, Kaspar - Convert, theological writer and translator of the Bible (1549-1617)
Ulfilas - Apostle of the Goths, missionary, translator of the Bible, and inventor of an alphabet
Ullathorne, William Bernard - English Benedictine monk and bishop (1806-1889)
Ullerston, Richard - From 1403 held the prebend of Oxford in Salisbury cathedral, and from 1407 the rectory of Beeford in Yorkshire
Ulloa, Antoine de - Naval officer and scientist (1716-1795)
Ulloa, Francisco de - Accompanied Hernan Cortes to California
Ulrich, Saint - Bishop of Augsburg, died 973
Ulrich of Bamberg - A cleric of the cathedral church of Bamberg
Ulrich of Richenthal - Chronicler of the Council of Constance
Ulrich of Zell - Wulderic; called also of Cluny, and of Ratisbon
Ultan of Ardbracca - Collected a life of the Irish saint for his pupil, St. Brogan Cloen of Rostuirc, on Ossory
Ultramontanism - A term used to denote integral and active Catholicism
Unam Sanctam - The Bull on papal supremacy issued 18 November, 1302, by Boniface VIII during the dispute with Philip the Fair, King of France
Unclean and Clean - The distinction between legal and ceremonial, as opposed to moral
Unction, Extreme - A sacrament to give spiritual aid and comfort and perfect spiritual health, including, if need be, the remission of sins, and also, conditionally, to restore bodily health, to Christians who are seriously ill
Ungava - A Canadian territory lying north of the Province of Quebec
Uniformity Acts - Statutes passed in an effort to secure uniformity in public worship throughout England
Unigenitus - A celebrated Apostolic Constitution of Clement XI, condemning 101 propositions of Pasquier Quesnel
Union of Brest - 1596. The union of the Ruthenians with Catholicism
Union of Christendom - Includes the Catholic Church together with the many other religious communions which have either directly or indirectly, separated from it
Unions of Prayer - Details of four unions of prayer
Unitarians - A Protestant sect which holds as it distinctive tenet the belief in a uni-personal instead of a tri-personal God
Unitas Fratrum - 'Bohemian Brethren' and 'Moravian Brethren' are the current popular designation of the Unitas Fratrum founded in Bohemia in 1457, renewed by Count Zinzendorf in 1722
United States of America, The - Provides geographic, historic, and statistical information
Unitive Way - Stages in the spiritual life
Unity - Characterizes the one Church founded by Christ
Universalists - A liberal Protestant sect whose distinctive tenet is the belief in the final salvation of all souls
Universals - Those ideas which, while excluding whatever constitutes the difference of things of the same genus or species, represent that which is necessary to their constitution, is essential, and is therefore common to all, remaining fixed in all vicissitudes
Universe - Presents a history of astronomy
Universe, Relation of God to the - Sections include essential dependence of the universe on God, divine immanence and transcendence, and possibility of the supernatural
Universities - The principal Catholic foundations have been treated in special articles; here the general aspects of the subject are presented
University College (Dublin) - A constitutional college of the National University of Ireland
Unjust Aggressor - According to the accepted teaching of theologians, it is lawful, in the defense of life or limb, of property of some importance, and of chastity, to repel violence with violence, even to the extent of killing an unjust assailant
Unyanyembe - Vicariate apostolic in German East Africa
Upper Nile - Vicariate apostolic; separated from the mission of Nyanza, 6 July, 1894, comprises the eastern portion of Uganda
Upper Rhine - Ecclesiastical province; includes the Archdiocese of Freiburg and the suffragan Dioceses of Fulda, Mainz, Limburg, and Rottenburg
Upsala, Ancient See of - History of an episcopal see established at Old Upsala, the center of idolatrous worship not only for Sweden but for all Scandinavia
Upsala, University of - The oldest university of Sweden
Uranopolis - A titular see of Asia Minor, suffragan of Ancyra in Galatia Prima
Urban I, Pope Saint - Died 230. Very little is known about his life, and even his burial place was in doubt for some time
Urban II, Pope Blessed - Long article on the canon and later Cluniac prior, assistant to Pope Gregory VII. Urban was elected unanimously to the papacy in 1088, but was forced to spend years wandering southern Italy. He died in 1099
Urban III, Pope - Reigned 1185-87, born at Milan; died at Ferrara, 19 October, 1187
Urban IV, Pope - Reigned 1216-64
Urban V, Pope Blessed - Benedictine monk, canonist, diplomat, elected to the papacy in 1362, d. 1370
Urban VI, Pope - Bartolomeo Prignano, the first Roman pope during the Western Schism
Urban VII, Pope - Giambattista Castagna, born at Rome, 4 Aug., 1521; elected pope, 15 September, 1590; died at Rome, 27 September, 1590
Urban VIII, Pope - Maffeo Barberini (1568-1644)
Urbi et Orbi - Signifies that a papal document is addressed not only to the City of Rome but to the entire Catholic world
Urbino - Province of Pesaro and Urbino, Italy
Urbs beata Jerusalem dicta pacis visio - The first line of a hymn of probably the seventh or eighth century, comprising eight stanzas together with a doxology
Urdaneta, Andrés - Augustinian, born at Villafranca, Guipuzcoa, Spain, 1498; died in the City of Mexico, 1568
Urgel - Diocese in Spain, suffragan of Tarragona
Urim and Thummim - The sacred lot by means of which the ancient Hebrews were wont to seek manifestations of the Divine will
Urmiah - A residential see in Chaldea, in the Province of Adherbaidjan, Persia
Urráburu, Juan José - Article on this Jesuit thinker, by Antonio Nadal
Ursperger Chronicle - A history of the world in Latin that begins with the Assyrian King Ninius and extends to the year 1229
Ursula, Saint, and the Eleven Thousand Virgins - This history rests on ten lines, and these are open to question
Ursula of the Blessed Virgin, Society of the Sisters of Saint - Religious congregation of women founded in 1606 by the Venerable Anne de Xainctonge (1587-1612)
Ursulines, The - Founded by St. Angela de Merici
Ursulines of Quebec, The - The oldest institution of learning for women in North America
Ursus, Saint - Member of the Theban Legion, martyr, commemorated from very early times
Urubamba - This prefecture apostolic was created by a Decree of the Holy See in 1899 at the request of the Peruvian Government
Uruguay - The smallest independent state in South America
Uruguayana - Diocese; suffragan of Porto Alegre, Brazil
Ushaw College - A combined college and seminary for the six dioceses that were comprised in the old Northern Vicariate of England
Usilla - A titular see of Byzacena in Africa
Usuard, Martyrology of - A Benedictine monk of the Abbey of St-Germain-des-Prxs, Paris
Usury - Defines the church's view on money lending
Utah - The thirty-second state admitted to the Union, takes its name from an Indian tribe known as the Utes
Ut Queant Laxis Resonare Fibris - The first line of a hymn in honour of St. John the Baptist
Uthina - A titular see of Africa Proconsularis, suffragan of Carthage
Utica - A titular see in Africa Proconsularis
Utilitarianism - A modern form of the Hedonistic ethical theory which teaches that the end of human conduct is happiness, and that consequently the discriminating norm which distinguishes conduct into right and wrong is pleasure and pain
Utopia - A term used to designate a visionary or an ideally perfect state of society first used by Sir Thomas More
Utraquism - The principal dogma, and one of the four articles, of the Calixtines or Hussites
Utrecht, Archdiocese of - Situated in the Netherlands, includes the Provinces of Utrecht, Friesland, Overyssel, Drenthe, Groningen, the larger part of Gelderland, and a small part of North Holland
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