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Zabarella, Francesco - Cardinal, celebrated canonist, born at Padua (1360-1417)
Zabulon - One of the twelve sons of Jacob and ancestor of the tribe of the same name
Zacatecas - Diocese in the Republic of Mexico, suffragan of Guadalajara
Zaccaria, Francesco Antonio - Theologian, historian, and writer (1714-1795)
Zacconi, Ludovico - Musical theorist (1550-1623)
Zacharias - The prophecy of Zacharias is one of the books admitted by both Jews and Christians into their canon of Sacred Writings, one of the Minor Prophets
Zacharias Chrysopolitanus - A famous exegete of the Premonstratensian Order; born at Chrysopolis (Besancon); died about 1155
Zachary, Pope Saint - Biography of this eighth-century pontiff, with special emphasis on his diplomacy and his relations with St. Boniface
Zachary, Canticle of - One of the three great canticles in the opening chapters of this Gospel, the other two being the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis
Zádori, János - Ecclesiastical writer, born at Katloez, County of Neutra, Hungary (1831-1887)
Zahle and Forzol - Greco-Melchite diocese
Zakho - Diocese in Chaldea
Zallinger zum Thurn, Jacob Anton - Philosopher and canonist (1735-1813)
Zallwein, Gregor - Austrian canonist (1712-1766)
Zalvidea, José Maria de - Spanish Franciscan, born at Bilbao, Vizeaya, Spain (1780-1846)
Zama - Titular see of Numidia. Zama Major and Zama Minor
Zambesi Mission - Prefecture Apostolic of the Zambesi Mission
Zamboanga, Diocese of - Philippine Islands, including the islands of Basilan, Camiguin, Dinagat, Mindanao, Siargao, and the Sulu Archipelago
Zamboni, Giuseppe - Priest and physicist (1776-1846)
Zamora - Diocese in Spain
Zamora - Diocese in Mexico
Zamora - Vicariate Apostolic in Ecuador
Zampieri, Domenico - Italian painter (1581-1641)
Zängerle, Roman Sebastian - Prince-Bishop of Seckau (1771-1848)
Zante - Diocese in Greece
Zantedeschi, Francesco - Priest and physicist (1797-1873)
Zanzibar - Located on the eastern coast of Africa, colonized by Asiatic nations
Zapoteca Indians - Mexican tribe located chiefly in Oaxaca and Guerrero
Zara - Archdiocese in Dalmatia
Zarai - Titular see of Numidia in Africa
Zarlino, Gioseffe - Italian musical theorist (1517-1590)
Zasius, Ulric - Jurist, born at Constance (1461-1536)
Zeal - From delos, a derivative of deo 'to boil', to 'throb with heat'
Zegers, Nicholas Tacitus - Exegete, born either at Diest or Brussels during the latter half of the fifteenth century; died at Louvain, 25 August, 1559
Zela - Titular see of Asia Minor, suffragan of Amasea in the Helenopontus
Zell, Karl - Statesman, philologist, defender of Church rights (1793-1873)
Zell, Ulrich - Publisher, first printer of Cologne (d. 1507)
Zengg-Modrus - Diocese in Hungary
Zeno, Saint - Bishop of Verona, d. 380
Zeno of Elea - Greek philosopher (b. 490 B.C.)
Zenobius, Saint - Bishop of Florence, died probably in 417
Zenonopolis - Titular see of Asia Minor, suffragan of Seleucia, Trachaea in Isauria
Zephaniah - The ninth of the twelve Minor Prophets of the Canon of the Old Testament; preached and wrote in the second half of the seventh century B.C
Zephyrinus, Pope Saint - Fairly long article on this pontiff, who died in 217
Zephyrium - Titular see in Cilicia
Zeugma - Titular see in Syria
Zeuss, Johann Kaspar - Founder of Celtic philology, an eminent philologist, and studied at the gymnasium of Bamberg (1806-1856)
Ziegelbauer, Magnoald - Historian who took vows at the Abbey of Zwiefalten 21 November, 1707, was ordained priest, 21 March, 1713, and became professor of theology at his monastery
Ziegler, Gregorius Thomas - Bishop of Linz (1770-1852)
Zierikzee, Cornelius van - Franciscan born at Zierikzee, a town in the Province of Zeeland, Holland (1405-1462)
Zigliara, Tommaso Maria - Cardinal, theologian, and philosopher (1833-1893)
Zimmer, Patrick Benedict - Philosopher and theologian (1752-1820)
Zingarelli, Niccolò Antonio - Composer, born at Naples (1752-1837)
Zingerle, Pius - Orientalist, born at Meran, in the Tyrol 1801. Died at the Abbey of Marienberg near Meran in 1881
Zionists - Followers of the movement to segregate the Jewish people as a nation
Zionites - A sect which flourished in the eighteenth century at Ronsdorf in the Duchy of Berg
Zips - Diocese in Hungary
Zircz - Cistercian abbey in Hungary
Zita, Saint - Short biographical article on the domestic servant, who died in 1271
Zita's Home for Friendless Women, Saint - Founded in New York, by Ellen O'Keefe (Mother Zita) in 1890
Zoara - A titular see of Palestina Tertia
Zoega, Jörgen - Archeologist and numismatist (1755-1809)
Zolkiewski, Stanislaus - Chancellor of Poland (1547-1620)
Zonaras, John - Twelfth-century Byzantine chronicler and canonist
Zoque Indians - A Mexican tribe dwelling in the western part of Chipas, north of the Sierra Madre, and part of Tabasco and Oaxaca
Zosimus, Pope Saint - Account of his pontificate focuses on his entanglement with the Pelagian controversy
Zosimus - Biographical article providing an overview of Zosimus' contributions to Roman history
Zucchetto - The small, round skullcap of the ecclesiastic
Zulia, Diocese of - Comprises the State of Zulia in the Republic of Venezuela
Zululand - A territory in South Africa inhabited by the Zulus or Amazulus, who belong to the Bantu family
Zumárraga, Juan de - Franciscan born at Durango in the Basque. Custodian of the convent of Abrojo
Zuñi Indians - A Pueblo tribe residing on the bank of the Rio Zuni near the boundary of New Mexico
Zurbaran, Francisco - Artist born in the suburb of Fuente de Cantos in Estramadure, on the boundaries of Andalusia, Nov., 1598
Zurich - The capital of the Swiss canton of the same name
Zurla, Giacinto Placido - Cardinal Vicar of Rome and writer on medieval geography, born at Legnano of noble parents (1769-1843)
Zwettl - Cistercian abbey in Austria
Zwingli, Ulrich - Founder of the Reformation in Switzerland, born at Wildhaus in Switzerland (1484-1531)
Zwirner, Ernst Friedrich - Architect born at Jakobswalde in Silesia (1802-1861)
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