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Quadragesima - Denotes a season of preparation by fasting and prayer, to imitate the example of Christ
Quadratus - Second-century Christian apologist
Quakers - Quakers, an Anglo-American religious sect
Quality - Various definitions of quality and its forms or divisions
Quam singulari - 1910 decree of the Sacred Congregation of the Sacraments on the age at which children are to be admitted to first Communion
Quamichan Indians - Small tribe attached to Cowachan agency, at the southeast end of Vancouver, British Columbia
Quantity - Interpretations of quantity as either a physical or theoretical abstraction
Quapaw Indians - An early tribe from the lower Mississippi region
Quarantines - A strict ecclesiastical penance of forty days
Quaresmius, Franciscus - Seventeenth-century writer and Orientalist (1583-1650)
Quebec, Archdiocese of - Comprises thirteen counties in Canada
Quebec, The Province of - Gives a brief history of this Canadian province and talks about Quebec at the beginning of the twentieth century. Article originally published in 1911
Quelen, Hyacinthe-Louis De - Archbishop of Paris (1778-1839)
Quem terra, pontus, sidera - Ancient hymn in honour of the Blessed Virgin
Queen's Daughters - American religious and charitable society, organized to supplement the work done by the members of the Conference of St. Vincent de Paul
Quercia, Jacopo Della - Italian sculptor (1374-1438)
Querétaro, Diocese of - Located in Mexico; suffragan of Michoacan
Quesnel, Pasquier - French writer (1634-1719)
Quevedo, Juan de - Spanish Franciscan (b. 1519)
Quiche - Principal aboriginal tribe of Guatemala
Quichua Indians - Peruvian and Ecuadoran tribe
Quicumque Christum Quæritis - Opening line of the twelfth and last poem in the 'Cathemerinon' of Prudentius
Quierzy, Councils of - Series of five councils held in a French village between 838 and 858
Quiet, Prayer of - A degree of contemplation in which the soul experiences an extraordinary peace and rest
Quietism - Doctrine which declares that man's highest perfection consists in a sort of psychical self-annihilation and a consequent absorption of the soul into the Divine Essence even during the present life
Quilon, Diocese of - Indian diocese, suffragan of Verapoly
Quimper, Diocese of - French diocese, including the Department of Finistere
Quin, Michael Joseph - Irish journalist (1796-1843)
Quinctianus, Saints - Several saints named Quinctianus appear in martyrologies, but almost nothing is known about most of them
Quiñones, Francis - Spanish Cardinal (1482-1540)
Quinquagesima - The period of fifty days before Easter
Quintana, Agustín - Missionary and Indian philologist (d. 1784)
Quiricus and Julitta - Martyrs in the Diocletian persecution
Quirini, Angelo Maria - Cardinal and scholar (1680-1755)
Quirinus, Saints - Article discusses several saints of this name
Quito, Archdiocese of - Comprises two dioceses and four sees in Ecuador
Qur'an, The - The sacred book of the Muslims, by whom it is regarded as the revelation of God
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