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Supplement to the Third Part (Supplementum Tertiæ Partis)

Editor's Note: St. Thomas never completed his treatise on Penance. The remainder of the Summa Theologiae, known as the Supplement, was compiled probably by his companion and friend Fra Rainaldo da Piperno, and was gathered from St. Thomas's commentary on the Fourth Book of the Sentences of Peter Lombard.

Penance (Continued)

PARTS (CONTRITION): Definition (1) of contrition. Its object (2), degree (3), duration (4) and effect (5).
PARTS (CONFESSION): Its necessity (6), nature (7), minister (8), quality (9), and effect (10). The seal (11) of confession.
PARTS (SATISFACTION): Its nature (12), possibility (13), quality (14), and means (15).
RECIPIENTS: Recipients (16) of the sacrament of Penance.
KEYS (GENERAL): The keys: their nature and meaning (17), effect (18), ministers (19) and recipients (20).
KEYS (EXCOMMUNICATION): Definition, congruity and cause (21) of excommunication. Who (22) can excommunicate or be excommunicated. Communication (23) with excommunicated persons. Absolution (24) from excommunication.
KEYS (INDULGENCES): Indulgences in itself (25). Those who grant (26) and receive (27) indulgences.
RITE: The solemn rite (28) of Penance.

Extreme Unction

GENERAL: Its essentials and institution (29), effects (30), minister (31), recipient (32) and repetition (33).

Holy Orders

GENERAL: The essence, quiddity, and parts (34) of the sacrament. Its effect (35) and recipients (36). The difference (37) of Orders. Those who confer (38) Orders. Impediments (39) and other things (40) connected with Orders.


GENERAL: Matrimony as an office of nature (41) and as a sacrament (42). The betrothal (43). The nature of matrimony (44).
EFFICIENT CAUSE: Its efficient cause, namely the consent: both in itself (45) and confirmed (46) by oath or carnal intercourse. Compulsory and conditional (47) consent. The object (48) of the consent.
BLESSINGS: The blessings (49) of matrimony.
IMPEDIMENTS: The impediments of marriage in general (50) and in particular: error (51), slavery (52), vows and orders (53), consanguinity (54), affinity (55), spiritual relationship (56), legal relationship by adoption (57), impotence, spell, insanity, incest, and defective age (58), disparity of worship (59), and wife-murder (60). Impediments which supervene marriage: A solemn vow (61), which affects an unconsummated marriage; and fornication (62), which affects a consummated marriage.
THINGS ANNEXED: Second marriages (63). The marriage debt (64), the plurality of wives (65), bigamy (66), the bill of divorce (67), and illegitimate children (68).

The Resurrection

PRECEDING THE RESURRECTION: Where souls go (69) after death. The quality (70) of separated souls, and the punishment by fire. How the living assist the departed souls (71). How the saints assist the living (72). The signs preceding (73) the last judgment. The world's final conflagration (74) which will precede the Second Coming.
ACCOMPANYING THE RESURRECTION: The resurrection itself (75). Its cause (76), its time and manner (77), and its term "wherefrom" (78). The conditions of the good and wicked in common: their identity (79), integrity (80), and quality (81). The conditions of the good: impassibility (82), subtlety (83), agility (84), and clarity (85). The conditions of the bodies of the wicked (86).
JUDGMENT FOLLOWING THE RESURRECTION: The knowledge (87) which men will have at the judgment. The time and place (88) of the last judgment. Who (89) will judge and who will be judged. The form (90) of the Judge.
FOLLOWING THE JUDGMENT: The state and quality of the world (91). The state of the blessed: their beatific vision (92), their happiness and mansions (93), their relations with the damned (94), their gifts (95) and their crowns (96). The state of the wicked: punishment of their bodies (97) by fire, and of their will and intellect (98). God's justice and mercy (99) in regard to the damned.


APPENDIX I: The quality of souls who die with original sin only (1), and of those in purgatory (2).
APPENDIX II: Two additional articles on purgatory (1).

The Summa Theologiæ of St. Thomas Aquinas
Second and Revised Edition, 1920
Literally translated by Fathers of the English Dominican Province
Online Edition Copyright © 2017 by Kevin Knight
Nihil Obstat. F. Innocentius Apap, O.P., S.T.M., Censor. Theol.
Imprimatur. Edus. Canonicus Surmont, Vicarius Generalis. Westmonasterii.
Nihil Obstat. F. Raphael Moss, O.P., S.T.L. and F. Leo Moore, O.P., S.T.L.
Imprimatur. F. Beda Jarrett, O.P., S.T.L., A.M., Prior Provincialis Angliæ


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