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Deuteronomy 23

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1 οὐκ εἰσελεύσεται θλαδίας καὶ ἀποκεκομμένος εἰς ἐκκλησίαν κυρίου 2 οὐκ εἰσελεύσεται ἐκ πόρνης εἰς ἐκκλησίαν κυρίου 3 οὐκ εἰσελεύσεται Αμμανίτης καὶ Μωαβίτης εἰς ἐκκλησίαν κυρίου καὶ ἕως δεκάτης γενεᾶς οὐκ εἰσελεύσεται εἰς ἐκκλησίαν κυρίου καὶ ἕως εἰς τὸν αἰῶνα 4 παρὰ τὸ μὴ συναντῆσαι αὐτοὺς ὑμῖν μετὰ ἄρτων καὶ ὕδατος ἐν τῇ ὁδῷ ἐκπορευομένων ὑμῶν ἐξ Αἰγύπτου καὶ ὅτι ἐμισθώσαντο ἐπὶ σὲ τὸν Βαλααμ υἱὸν Βεωρ ἐκ τῆς Μεσοποταμίας καταράσασθαί σε 5 καὶ οὐκ ἠθέλησεν κύριος ὁ θεός σου εἰσακοῦσαι τοῦ Βαλααμ καὶ μετέστρεψεν κύριος ὁ θεός σου τὰς κατάρας εἰς εὐλογίαν ὅτι ἠγάπησέν σε κύριος ὁ θεός σου 6 οὐ προσαγορεύσεις εἰρηνικὰ αὐτοῖς καὶ συμφέροντα αὐτοῖς πάσας τὰς ἡμέρας σου εἰς τὸν αἰῶνα 7 οὐ βδελύξῃ Ιδουμαῖον ὅτι ἀδελφός σού ἐστιν οὐ βδελύξῃ Αἰγύπτιον ὅτι πάροικος ἐγένου ἐν τῇ γῇ αὐτοῦ 8 υἱοὶ ἐὰν γενηθῶσιν αὐτοῖς γενεὰ τρίτη εἰσελεύσονται εἰς ἐκκλησίαν κυρίου 1 The emasculate, the mutilated, are not to be admitted into the Lord’s assembly. 2 Nor is there any place in the Lord’s assembly for a bastard, born out of wedlock, or for any of his descent, though ten generations have passed. 3 Nor, though ten generations have passed, may one of Ammonite or Moabite descent be admitted to the Lord’s assembly; this disability they have incurred for all time, 4 by refusing to provide food and drink, when Israel came on their way from Egypt. Nay, they hired Balaam the son of Beor to come from Mesopotamia of the Syrians and curse thee; 5 only the Lord would not listen to Balaam, and transformed that curse of his into a blessing, so well he loved thee. 6 No peace with these, no friendly dealings with these at any time, while thy life lasts; 7 but for the Edomites thou shalt have no repugnance, they are thy brethren, nor for the Egyptians, in whose land thou didst formerly dwell; 8 their descendants in the third generation may be admitted to the Lord’s assembly. 1 Non intravit eunuchus, attritis vel amputatis testiculis et abscisso veretro, ecclesiam Domini. 2 Non ingredietur mamzer, hoc est, de scorto natus, in ecclesiam Domini, usque ad decimam generationem. 3 Ammonites et Moabites etiam post decimam generationem non intrabunt ecclesiam Domini in æternum: 4 quia noluerunt vobis occurrere cum pane et aqua in via quando egressi estis de Ægypto: et quia conduxerunt contra te Balaam filium Beor de Mesopotamia Syriæ, ut malediceret tibi: 5 et noluit Dominus Deus tuus audire Balaam, vertitque maledictionem ejus in benedictionem tuam, eo quod diligeret te. 6 Non facies cum eis pacem, nec quæras eis bona cunctis diebus vitæ tuæ in sempiternum. 7 Non abominaberis Idumæum, quia frater tuus est: nec Ægyptium, quia advena fuisti in terra ejus. 8 Qui nati fuerint ex eis, tertia generatione intrabunt in ecclesiam Domini.
9 ἐὰν δὲ ἐξέλθῃς παρεμβαλεῖν ἐπὶ τοὺς ἐχθρούς σου καὶ φυλάξῃ ἀπὸ παντὸς ῥήματος πονηροῦ 10 ἐὰν ᾖ ἐν σοὶ ἄνθρωπος ὃς οὐκ ἔσται καθαρὸς ἐκ ῥύσεως αὐτοῦ νυκτός καὶ ἐξελεύσεται ἔξω τῆς παρεμβολῆς καὶ οὐκ εἰσελεύσεται εἰς τὴν παρεμβολήν 11 καὶ ἔσται τὸ πρὸς ἑσπέραν λούσεται τὸ σῶμα αὐτοῦ ὕδατι καὶ δεδυκότος ἡλίου εἰσελεύσεται εἰς τὴν παρεμβολήν 12 καὶ τόπος ἔσται σοι ἔξω τῆς παρεμβολῆς καὶ ἐξελεύσῃ ἐκεῖ ἔξω 13 καὶ πάσσαλος ἔσται σοι ἐπὶ τῆς ζώνης σου καὶ ἔσται ὅταν διακαθιζάνῃς ἔξω καὶ ὀρύξεις ἐν αὐτῷ καὶ ἐπαγαγὼν καλύψεις τὴν ἀσχημοσύνην σου ἐν αὐτῷ 14 ὅτι κύριος ὁ θεός σου ἐμπεριπατεῖ ἐν τῇ παρεμβολῇ σου ἐξελέσθαι σε καὶ παραδοῦναι τὸν ἐχθρόν σου πρὸ προσώπου σου καὶ ἔσται ἡ παρεμβολή σου ἁγία καὶ οὐκ ὀφθήσεται ἐν σοὶ ἀσχημοσύνη πράγματος καὶ ἀποστρέψει ἀπὸ σοῦ 9 When thou goest out to war against thy enemies, keep clear of all offence. 10 Should any of you incur defilement at night in his sleep, he must leave the camp, 11 and not return to it all day; at sunset, when he has washed, he may enter the camp again. 12 If thou wouldst ease thyself, thou must have a place to go to away from the camp, 13 and carry a scoop at thy girdle, so that when thou art eased thou canst dig about thee and heap loose earth 14 over thy excrement. In this camp of thine the Lord thy God goes to and fro, waiting to deliver thee and give thee victory over thy enemies; all must be holiness there, no defilement be seen in it, lest his presence should be withdrawn. 9 Quando egressus fueris adversus hostes tuos in pugnam, custodies te ab omni re mala. 10 Si fuerit inter vos homo, qui nocturno pollutus sit somnio, egredietur extra castra, 11 et non revertetur, priusquam ad vesperam lavetur aqua: et post solis occasum regredietur in castra. 12 Habebis locum extra castra, ad quem egrediaris ad requisita naturæ, 13 gerens paxillum in balteo: cumque sederis, fodies per circuitum, et egesta humo operies 14 quo revelatus es: Dominus enim Deus tuus ambulat in medio castrorum, ut eruat te, et tradat tibi inimicos tuos: et sint castra tua sancta, et nihil in eis appareat fœditatis, ne derelinquat te.
15 οὐ παραδώσεις παῖδα τῷ κυρίῳ αὐτοῦ ὃς προστέθειταί σοι παρὰ τοῦ κυρίου αὐτοῦ 16 μετὰ σοῦ κατοικήσει ἐν ὑμῖν κατοικήσει ἐν παντὶ τόπῳ οὗ ἐὰν ἀρέσῃ αὐτῷ οὐ θλίψεις αὐτόν 15 If a man escapes from bondage and takes refuge with thee, thou shalt not give him back into the hands of his lord; 16 let him settle where he pleases, and live at peace in some city of thine; leave him unmolested.[1] 15 Non trades servum domino suo, qui ad te confugerit. 16 Habitabit tecum in loco, qui ei placuerit, et in una urbium tuarum requiescet: ne contristes eum.
17 οὐκ ἔσται πόρνη ἀπὸ θυγατέρων Ισραηλ καὶ οὐκ ἔσται πορνεύων ἀπὸ υἱῶν Ισραηλ οὐκ ἔσται τελεσφόρος ἀπὸ θυγατέρων Ισραηλ καὶ οὐκ ἔσται τελισκόμενος ἀπὸ υἱῶν Ισραηλ 18 οὐ προσοίσεις μίσθωμα πόρνης οὐδὲ ἄλλαγμα κυνὸς εἰς τὸν οἶκον κυρίου τοῦ θεοῦ σου πρὸς πᾶσαν εὐχήν ὅτι βδέλυγμα κυρίῳ τῷ θεῷ σού ἐστιν καὶ ἀμφότερα 17 No Israelite, man or woman, shall be devoted to a life of shame; 18 wouldst thou bring into the temple of the Lord thy God the wages of a harlot, or the price of nameless sin? Either of these is hateful to the Lord thy God. 17 Non erit meretrix de filiabus Israël, nec scortator de filiis Israël. 18 Non offeres mercedem prostibuli, nec pretium canis in domo Domini Dei tui, quidquid illud est quod voveris: quia abominatio est utrumque apud Dominum Deum tuum.
19 οὐκ ἐκτοκιεῖς τῷ ἀδελφῷ σου τόκον ἀργυρίου καὶ τόκον βρωμάτων καὶ τόκον παντὸς πράγματος οὗ ἂν ἐκδανείσῃς 20 τῷ ἀλλοτρίῳ ἐκτοκιεῖς τῷ δὲ ἀδελφῷ σου οὐκ ἐκτοκιεῖς ἵνα εὐλογήσῃ σε κύριος ὁ θεός σου ἐν πᾶσι τοῖς ἔργοις σου ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς εἰς ἣν εἰσπορεύῃ ἐκεῖ κληρονομῆσαι αὐτήν 19 Do not charge interest to thy fellow-Israelite when thou lendest him money or grain or anything else of thine. 20 Keep that for the alien; to thy brother thou shalt lend without interest all that he needs; so the Lord God will bless every enterprise of thine in the land which is to be thy home. 19 Non fœnerabis fratri tuo ad usuram pecuniam, nec fruges, nec quamlibet aliam rem: 20 sed alieno. Fratri autem tuo absque usura id quo indiget, commodabis: ut benedicat tibi Dominus Deus tuus in omni opere tuo in terra, ad quam ingredieris possidendam.
21 ἐὰν δὲ εὔξῃ εὐχὴν κυρίῳ τῷ θεῷ σου οὐ χρονιεῖς ἀποδοῦναι αὐτήν ὅτι ἐκζητῶν ἐκζητήσει κύριος ὁ θεός σου παρὰ σοῦ καὶ ἔσται ἐν σοὶ ἁμαρία 22 ἐὰν δὲ μὴ θέλῃς εὔξασθαι οὐκ ἔστιν ἐν σοὶ ἁμαρτία 23 τὰ ἐκπορευόμενα διὰ τῶν χειλέων σου φυλάξῃ καὶ ποιήσεις ὃν τρόπον εὔξω κυρίῳ τῷ θεῷ σου δόμα ὃ ἐλάλησας τῷ στόματί σου 21 If thou makest a vow to the Lord thy God, do not defer payment of it. The Lord thy God will hold thee to thy promise; thou delayest at thy peril. 22 Hadst thou refrained from making the vow, it would have been no sin in thee, 23 but once the word has been spoken, it must be made good; thy own lips pronounced it, and thy will was under no compulsion, the promise must be kept. 21 Cum votum voveris Domino Deo tuo, non tardabis reddere: quia requiret illud Dominus Deus tuus, et si moratus fueris, reputabitur tibi in peccatum. 22 Si nolueris polliceri, absque peccato eris. 23 Quod autem semel egressum est de labiis tuis, observabis, et facies sicut promisisti Domino Deo tuo, et propria voluntate et ore tuo locutus es.
24 ἐὰν δὲ εἰσέλθῃς εἰς ἀμητὸν τοῦ πλησίον σου καὶ συλλέξεις ἐν ταῖς χερσίν σου στάχυς καὶ δρέπανον οὐ μὴ ἐπιβάλῃς ἐπὶ τὸν ἀμητὸν τοῦ πλησίον σου 25 ἐὰν δὲ εἰσέλθῃς εἰς τὸν ἀμπελῶνα τοῦ πλησίον σου φάγῃ σταφυλὴν ὅσον ψυχήν σου ἐμπλησθῆναι εἰς δὲ ἄγγος οὐκ ἐμβαλεῖς 24 When thou art passing through thy neighbour’s vineyard, eat the grapes to thy heart’s content, but take none away with thee. 25 And when thou art passing through a neighbour’s corn-field, thou mayst break off ears and rub them in thy hands; but sickle put none to thy neighbour’s corn. 24 Ingressus vineam proximi tui, comede uvas, quantum tibi placuerit: foras autem ne efferas tecum. 25 Si intraveris in segetem amici tui, franges spicas, et manu conteres: falce autem non metes.
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