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Exodus 13

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1 εἶπεν δὲ κύριος πρὸς Μωυσῆν λέγων 2 ἁγίασόν μοι πᾶν πρωτότοκον πρωτογενὲς διανοῖγον πᾶσαν μήτραν ἐν τοῖς υἱοῖς Ισραηλ ἀπὸ ἀνθρώπου ἕως κτήνους ἐμοί ἐστιν 1 And this was another command the Lord gave to Moses: 2 Dedicate to me every first-born thing that Israel yields, whether it be man or beast, the first-fruits of every womb; all these are forfeit to me. 1 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens: 2 Sanctifica mihi omne primogenitum quod aperit vulvam in filiis Israël, tam de hominibus quam de jumentis: mea sunt enim omnia.
3 εἶπεν δὲ Μωυσῆς πρὸς τὸν λαόν μνημονεύετε τὴν ἡμέραν ταύτην ἐν ᾗ ἐξήλθατε ἐκ γῆς Αἰγύπτου ἐξ οἴκου δουλείας ἐν γὰρ χειρὶ κραταιᾷ ἐξήγαγεν ὑμᾶς κύριος ἐντεῦθεν καὶ οὐ βρωθήσεται ζύμη 4 ἐν γὰρ τῇ σήμερον ὑμεῖς ἐκπορεύεσθε ἐν μηνὶ τῶν νέων 5 καὶ ἔσται ἡνίκα ἐὰν εἰσαγάγῃ σε κύριος ὁ θεός σου εἰς τὴν γῆν τῶν Χαναναίων καὶ Χετταίων καὶ Ευαίων καὶ Γεργεσαίων καὶ Αμορραίων καὶ Φερεζαίων καὶ Ιεβουσαίων ἣν ὤμοσεν τοῖς πατράσιν σου δοῦναί σοι γῆν ῥέουσαν γάλα καὶ μέλι καὶ ποιήσεις τὴν λατρείαν ταύτην ἐν τῷ μηνὶ τούτῳ 6 ἓξ ἡμέρας ἔδεσθε ἄζυμα τῇ δὲ ἡμέρᾳ τῇ ἑβδόμῃ ἑορτὴ κυρίου 7 ἄζυμα ἔδεσθε τὰς ἑπτὰ ἡμέρας οὐκ ὀφθήσεταί σοι ζυμωτόν οὐδὲ ἔσται σοι ζύμη ἐν πᾶσιν τοῖς ὁρίοις σου 8 καὶ ἀναγγελεῖς τῷ υἱῷ σου ἐν τῇ ἡμέρᾳ ἐκείνῃ λέγων διὰ τοῦτο ἐποίησεν κύριος ὁ θεός μοι ὡς ἐξεπορευόμην ἐξ Αἰγύπτου 9 καὶ ἔσται σοι σημεῖον ἐπὶ τῆς χειρός σου καὶ μνημόσυνον πρὸ ὀφθαλμῶν σου ὅπως ἂν γένηται ὁ νόμος κυρίου ἐν τῷ στόματί σου ἐν γὰρ χειρὶ κραταιᾷ ἐξήγαγέν σε κύριος ὁ θεὸς ἐξ Αἰγύπτου 10 καὶ φυλάξεσθε τὸν νόμον τοῦτον κατὰ καιροὺς ὡρῶν ἀ{F'} ἡμερῶν εἰς ἡμέρας 3 And now Moses said to the people, To-day you have left Egypt, your prison-house, and it is the Lord’s constraining power that has won you your freedom; mark out this day by eating no bread that has leaven in it, 4 this day of early spring which sees your departure. 5 When the Lord has given thee a home in the land of Chanaanite and Hethite, the Amorrhite, Hevite and Jebusite, that land, all milk and honey, which he promised thy fathers he would give thee, thou shalt keep alive, this month, the old custom. 6 For a whole week thou shalt eat unleavened bread, and the seventh day of it shall be kept as a feast in the Lord’s honour. 7 During those seven days you shall eat, all of you, bread without yeast in it; nothing leavened shall be seen anywhere within the frontiers of thy domain. 8 And thou shalt tell thy children in those after times all the Lord did for thee when thou madest thy escape from Egypt. 9 This custom is to endure like a mark branded on the hand, to be kept in view like a badge worn on the forehead; the law of the Lord shall be continually on thy lips; was it not the Lord’s constraining power that rescued thee from Egypt? 10 Thou shalt keep it alive, year after year, when the appointed time comes round. 3 Et ait Moyses ad populum: Mementote diei hujus in qua egressi estis de Ægypto et de domo servitutis, quoniam in manu forti eduxit vos Dominus de loco isto: ut non comedatis fermentatum panem. 4 Hodie egredimini mense novarum frugum. 5 Cumque introduxerit te Dominus in terram Chananæi, et Hethæi, et Amorrhæi, et Hevæi, et Jebusæi, quam juravit patribus tuis ut daret tibi, terram fluentem lacte et melle, celebrabis hunc morem sacrorum mense isto. 6 Septem diebus vesceris azymis: et in die septimo erit solemnitas Domini. 7 Azyma comedetis septem diebus: non apparebit apud te aliquid fermentatum, nec in cunctis finibus tuis. 8 Narrabisque filio tuo in die illo, dicens: Hoc est quod fecit mihi Dominus quando egressus sum de Ægypto. 9 Et erit quasi signum in manu tua, et quasi monimentum ante oculos tuos: et ut lex Domini semper sit in ore tuo, in manu enim forti eduxit te Dominus de Ægypto. 10 Custodies hujuscemodi cultum statuto tempore a diebus in dies.
11 καὶ ἔσται ὡς ἂν εἰσαγάγῃ σε κύριος ὁ θεός σου εἰς τὴν γῆν τῶν Χαναναίων ὃν τρόπον ὤμοσεν τοῖς πατράσιν σου καὶ δώσει σοι αὐτήν 12 καὶ ἀφελεῖς πᾶν διανοῖγον μήτραν τὰ ἀρσενικά τῷ κυρίῳ πᾶν διανοῖγον μήτραν ἐκ τῶν βουκολίων ἢ ἐν τοῖς κτήνεσίν σου ὅσα ἐὰν γένηταί σοι τὰ ἀρσενικά ἁγιάσεις τῷ κυρίῳ 13 πᾶν διανοῖγον μήτραν ὄνου ἀλλάξεις προβάτῳ ἐὰν δὲ μὴ ἀλλάξῃς λυτρώσῃ αὐτό πᾶν πρωτότοκον ἀνθρώπου τῶν υἱῶν σου λυτρώσῃ 14 ἐὰν δὲ ἐρωτήσῃ σε ὁ υἱός σου μετὰ ταῦτα λέγων τί τοῦτο καὶ ἐρεῖς αὐτῷ ὅτι ἐν χειρὶ κραταιᾷ ἐξήγαγεν ἡμᾶς κύριος ἐκ γῆς Αἰγύπτου ἐξ οἴκου δουλείας 15 ἡνίκα δὲ ἐσκλήρυνεν Φαραω ἐξαποστεῖλαι ἡμᾶς ἀπέκτεινεν πᾶν πρωτότοκον ἐν γῇ Αἰγύπτῳ ἀπὸ πρωτοτόκων ἀνθρώπων ἕως πρωτοτόκων κτηνῶν διὰ τοῦτο ἐγὼ θύω τῷ κυρίῳ πᾶν διανοῖγον μήτραν τὰ ἀρσενικά καὶ πᾶν πρωτότοκον τῶν υἱῶν μου λυτρώσομαι 16 καὶ ἔσται εἰς σημεῖον ἐπὶ τῆς χειρός σου καὶ ἀσάλευτον πρὸ ὀφθαλμῶν σου ἐν γὰρ χειρὶ κραταιᾷ ἐξήγαγέν σε κύριος ἐξ Αἰγύπτου 11 And when the Lord has made good his promise to thee and to thy fathers, by bringing thee into the Chanaanite land and giving it to thee for thy own, 12 thou shalt dedicate to the Lord the first-born of every womb, the first-fruits of all thy cattle; every such thing, if it be of the male sex, is forfeit to him. 13 When an ass has its first foal, thou shalt offer a sheep in payment of its ransom; if not, it must be killed.[1] And every first-born man child of thy own race shall have a price paid for his ransom. 14 When, in after times, thy sons ask thee what is the meaning of this, thou shalt tell them how the Lord’s constraining power rescued you from your prison-house in Egypt; 15 how Pharao’s heart was hardened, and he would not let you go free, until the Lord slew every first-born male thing, man or beast, in the land of Egypt. That (thou shalt say) is why I immolate to the Lord every first-born thing, the first-fruits of every womb, except among my own children; and for these I must pay ransom; 16 this custom is to endure like a mark branded on the hand, to be kept in view like a badge worn on the forehead, to remind you, too, how the Lord’s constraining power rescued us from Egypt. 11 Cumque introduxerit te Dominus in terram Chananæi, sicut juravit tibi et patribus tuis, et dederit tibi eam: 12 separabis omne quod aperit vulvam Domino, et quod primitivum est in pecoribus tuis: quidquid habueris masculini sexus, consecrabis Domino. 13 Primogenitum asini mutabis ove: quod si non redemeris, interficies. Omne autem primogenitum hominis de filiis tuis, pretio redimes. 14 Cumque interrogaverit te filius tuus cras, dicens: Quid est hoc? respondebis ei: In manu forti eduxit nos Dominus de terra Ægypti, de domo servitutis. 15 Nam cum induratus esset Pharao, et nollet nos dimittere, occidit Dominus omne primogenitum in terra Ægypti, a primogenito hominis usque ad primogenitum jumentorum: idcirco immolo Domino omne quod aperit vulvam masculini sexus, et omnia primogenita filiorum meorum redimo. 16 Erit igitur quasi signum in manu tua, et quasi appensum quid, ob recordationem, inter oculos tuos: eo quod in manu forti eduxit nos Dominus de Ægypto.
17 ὡς δὲ ἐξαπέστειλεν Φαραω τὸν λαόν οὐχ ὡδήγησεν αὐτοὺς ὁ θεὸς ὁδὸν γῆς Φυλιστιιμ ὅτι ἐγγὺς ἦν εἶπεν γὰρ ὁ θεός μήποτε μεταμελήσῃ τῷ λαῷ ἰδόντι πόλεμον καὶ ἀποστρέψῃ εἰς Αἴγυπτον 18 καὶ ἐκύκλωσεν ὁ θεὸς τὸν λαὸν ὁδὸν τὴν εἰς τὴν ἔρημον εἰς τὴν ἐρυθρὰν θάλασσαν πέμπτη δὲ γενεὰ ἀνέβησαν οἱ υἱοὶ Ισραηλ ἐκ γῆς Αἰγύπτου 19 καὶ ἔλαβεν Μωυσῆς τὰ ὀστᾶ Ιωσηφ με{Q'} ἑαυτοῦ ὅρκῳ γὰρ ὥρκισεν Ιωσηφ τοὺς υἱοὺς Ισραηλ λέγων ἐπισκοπῇ ἐπισκέψεται ὑμᾶς κύριος καὶ συνανοίσετέ μου τὰ ὀστᾶ ἐντεῦθεν με{Q'} ὑμῶν 20 ἐξάραντες δὲ οἱ υἱοὶ Ισραηλ ἐκ Σοκχωθ ἐστρατοπέδευσαν ἐν Οθομ παρὰ τὴν ἔρημον 21 ὁ δὲ θεὸς ἡγεῖτο αὐτῶν ἡμέρας μὲν ἐν στύλῳ νεφέλης δεῖξαι αὐτοῖς τὴν ὁδόν τὴν δὲ νύκτα ἐν στύλῳ πυρός 22 οὐκ ἐξέλιπεν ὁ στῦλος τῆς νεφέλης ἡμέρας καὶ ὁ στῦλος τοῦ πυρὸς νυκτὸς ἐναντίον παντὸς τοῦ λαοῦ 17 Thus the people had Pharao’s leave to go on their way; but God did not lead them by the nearest road, the road through Philistia. Here they would have found themselves met by armed resistance, and perhaps, in despair of their enterprise, returned to Egypt. 18 He took them round, instead, through the desert which borders on the Red Sea; and yet the Israelites left Egypt in war-like array. 19 Nor did Moses forget to take with him the body of Joseph, who had bound the sons of Israel by an oath to carry his bones away with them when God shewed mercy to them. 20 Their first encampment after leaving Socoth was at Etham, on the very frontier of the desert. 21 And the Lord went on before, to guide them on their journey; by day, in a pillar of cloud, by night, in a pillar of fire; he was their guide at all times; 22 every day a pillar of cloud, every night a pillar of fire moved on before the people. 17 Igitur cum emisisset Pharao populum, non eos duxit Deus per viam terræ Philisthiim quæ vicina est: reputans ne forte pœniteret eum, si vidisset adversum se bella consurgere, et reverteretur in Ægyptum. 18 Sed circumduxit per viam deserti, quæ est juxta mare Rubrum: et armati ascenderunt filii Israël de terra Ægypti. 19 Tulit quoque Moyses ossa Joseph secum: eo quod adjurasset filios Israël, dicens: Visitabit vos Deus; efferte ossa mea hinc vobiscum. 20 Profectique de Socoth castrametati sunt in Etham, in extremis finibus solitudinis. 21 Dominus autem præcedebat eos ad ostendendam viam per diem in columna nubis, et per noctem in columna ignis: ut dux esset itineris utroque tempore. 22 Numquam defuit columna nubis per diem, nec columna ignis per noctem, coram populo.
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