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Psalm 18

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1 εἰς τὸ τέλος τῷ παιδὶ κυρίου τῷ Δαυιδ ἃ ἐλάλησεν τῷ κυρίῳ τοὺς λόγους τῆς ᾠδῆς ταύτης ἐν ἡμέρᾳ ᾗ ἐρρύσατο αὐτὸν κύριος ἐκ χειρὸς πάντων τῶν ἐχθρῶν αὐτοῦ καὶ ἐκ χειρὸς Σαουλ 1 (To the choir-master. Of David, the servant of the Lord. He addressed to the Lord the words of this song, on the day when God delivered him from the hand of Saul, and from the hands of all his enemies; as follows:[1]) 1 In finem. Puero Domini David, qui locutus est Domino verba cantici hujus, in die qua eripuit eum Dominus de manu omnium inimicorum ejus, et de manu Saul, et dixit:
2 καὶ εἶπεν ἀγαπήσω σε κύριε ἡ ἰσχύς μου 3 κύριος στερέωμά μου καὶ καταφυγή μου καὶ ῥύστης μου ὁ θεός μου βοηθός μου καὶ ἐλπιῶ ἐ{P'} αὐτόν ὑπερασπιστής μου καὶ κέρας σωτηρίας μου ἀντιλήμπτωρ μου 4 αἰνῶν ἐπικαλέσομαι κύριον καὶ ἐκ τῶν ἐχθρῶν μου σωθήσομαι 5 περιέσχον με ὠδῖνες θανάτου καὶ χείμαρροι ἀνομίας ἐξετάραξάν με 6 ὠδῖνες ᾅδου περιεκύκλωσάν με προέφθασάν με παγίδες θανάτου 7 καὶ ἐν τῷ θλίβεσθαί με ἐπεκαλεσάμην τὸν κύριον καὶ πρὸς τὸν θεόν μου ἐκέκραξα ἤκουσεν ἐκ ναοῦ ἁγίου αὐτοῦ φωνῆς μου καὶ ἡ κραυγή μου ἐνώπιον αὐτοῦ εἰσελεύσεται εἰς τὰ ὦτα αὐτοῦ 2 Shall I not love thee, Lord, my only defender? 3 The Lord is my rock-fastness, my stronghold, my rescuer; to God, my hiding-place, I flee for safety; he is my shield, my weapon of deliverance, my refuge. 4 Praised be the Lord! When I invoke his name, I am secure from my enemies. 5 All about me surged the waves of death, deep flowed the perilous tide, to daunt me; 6 the grave had caught me in its toils, deadly snares had trapped my feet. 7 One cry to the Lord, in my affliction, one word of summons to my God, and he, from his sanctuary, listened to my voice; the complaint I made before him found a hearing. 2 Diligam te, Domine, fortitudo mea. 3
Dominus firmamentum meum, et refugium meum, et liberator meus.
Deus meus adjutor meus, et sperabo in eum;
protector meus, et cornu salutis meæ, et susceptor meus.
Laudans invocabo Dominum,
et ab inimicis meis salvus ero.
Circumdederunt me dolores mortis,
et torrentes iniquitatis conturbaverunt me.
Dolores inferni circumdederunt me;
præoccupaverunt me laquei mortis.
In tribulatione mea invocavi Dominum,
et ad Deum meum clamavi:
et exaudivit de templo sancto suo vocem meam;
et clamor meus in conspectu ejus introivit in aures ejus.
8 καὶ ἐσαλεύθη καὶ ἔντρομος ἐγενήθη ἡ γῆ καὶ τὰ θεμέλια τῶν ὀρέων ἐταράχθησαν καὶ ἐσαλεύθησαν ὅτι ὠργίσθη αὐτοῖς ὁ θεός 9 ἀνέβη καπνὸς ἐν ὀργῇ αὐτοῦ καὶ πῦρ ἀπὸ προσώπου αὐτοῦ κατεφλόγισεν ἄνθρακες ἀνήφθησαν ἀ{P'} αὐτοῦ 10 καὶ ἔκλινεν οὐρανὸν καὶ κατέβη καὶ γνόφος ὑπὸ τοὺς πόδας αὐτοῦ 11 καὶ ἐπέβη ἐπὶ χερουβιν καὶ ἐπετάσθη ἐπετάσθη ἐπὶ πτερύγων ἀνέμων 12 καὶ ἔθετο σκότος ἀποκρυφὴν αὐτοῦ κύκλῳ αὐτοῦ ἡ σκηνὴ αὐτοῦ σκοτεινὸν ὕδωρ ἐν νεφέλαις ἀέρων 13 ἀπὸ τῆς τηλαυγήσεως ἐνώπιον αὐτοῦ αἱ νεφέλαι διῆλθον χάλαζα καὶ ἄνθρακες πυρός 14 καὶ ἐβρόντησεν ἐξ οὐρανοῦ κύριος καὶ ὁ ὕψιστος ἔδωκεν φωνὴν αὐτοῦ 15 καὶ ἐξαπέστειλεν βέλη καὶ ἐσκόρπισεν αὐτοὺς καὶ ἀστραπὰς ἐπλήθυνεν καὶ συνετάραξεν αὐτούς 16 καὶ ὤφθησαν αἱ πηγαὶ τῶν ὑδάτων καὶ ἀνεκαλύφθη τὰ θεμέλια τῆς οἰκουμένης ἀπὸ ἐπιτιμήσεώς σου κύριε ἀπὸ ἐμπνεύσεως πνεύματος ὀργῆς σου 17 ἐξαπέστειλεν ἐξ ὕψους καὶ ἔλαβέν με προσελάβετό με ἐξ ὑδάτων πολλῶν 18 ῥύσεταί με ἐξ ἐχθρῶν μου δυνατῶν καὶ ἐκ τῶν μισούντων με ὅτι ἐστερεώθησαν ὑπὲρ ἐμέ 19 προέφθασάν με ἐν ἡμέρᾳ κακώσεώς μου καὶ ἐγένετο κύριος ἀντιστήριγμά μου 20 καὶ ἐξήγαγέν με εἰς πλατυσμόν ῥύσεταί με ὅτι ἠθέλησέν με ῥύσεταί με ἐξ ἐχθρῶν μου δυνατῶν καὶ ἐκ τῶν μισούντων με 8 Earth thereupon shivered and shook, the very foundations of the hills quailed and quaked at his anger; 9 at the fiery smoke that breathed from his mouth and nostrils, kindling coals to flame. 10 He bade heaven stoop, and came down to earth, with a dark cloud at his feet; 11 he came, cherub-mounted, borne up on the wings of the wind, 12 shrouded in darkness, canopied with black rain-storm and deep mist. 13 Then, while coals were kindled at the brightness as he came, 14 the Lord sent his thunder from heaven, the most High let his voice be heard. 15 How they scattered when he rained down his arrows on them, how they fled in confusion before the volleys of his lightning! 16 The sea’s bed came to light, the very foundations of the world were laid bare, when thou didst threaten them, Lord, when thou didst blow upon them with the breath of thy anger. 17 Then he reached down from heaven, caught hold of me, rescued me from that flood, 18 saved me from triumphant malice, from the enemies that held me at their mercy. 19 Evil days, when they faced me at every turn! Yet the Lord stood by me, 20 and brought me out into freedom again; his great love befriended me. 8
Commota est, et contremuit terra;
fundamenta montium conturbata sunt, et commota sunt:
quoniam iratus est eis.
Ascendit fumus in ira ejus,
et ignis a facie ejus exarsit;
carbones succensi sunt ab eo.
Inclinavit cælos, et descendit,
et caligo sub pedibus ejus.
Et ascendit super cherubim, et volavit;
volavit super pennas ventorum.
Et posuit tenebras latibulum suum;
in circuitu ejus tabernaculum ejus,
tenebrosa aqua in nubibus aëris.
Præ fulgore in conspectu ejus nubes transierunt;
grando et carbones ignis.
Et intonuit de cælo Dominus,
et Altissimus dedit vocem suam:
grando et carbones ignis.
Et misit sagittas suas, et dissipavit eos;
fulgura multiplicavit, et conturbavit eos.
Et apparuerunt fontes aquarum,
et revelata sunt fundamenta orbis terrarum,
ab increpatione tua, Domine,
ab inspiratione spiritus iræ tuæ.
Misit de summo, et accepit me;
et assumpsit me de aquis multis.
Eripuit me de inimicis meis fortissimis, et ab his qui oderunt me.
Quoniam confortati sunt super me;
prævenerunt me in die afflictionis meæ:
et factus est Dominus protector meus.
Et eduxit me in latitudinem;
salvum me fecit, quoniam voluit me,
21 καὶ ἀνταποδώσει μοι κύριος κατὰ τὴν δικαιοσύνην μου καὶ κατὰ τὴν καθαριότητα τῶν χειρῶν μου ἀνταποδώσει μοι 22 ὅτι ἐφύλαξα τὰς ὁδοὺς κυρίου καὶ οὐκ ἠσέβησα ἀπὸ τοῦ θεοῦ μου 23 ὅτι πάντα τὰ κρίματα αὐτοῦ ἐνώπιόν μου καὶ τὰ δικαιώματα αὐτοῦ οὐκ ἀπέστησα ἀ{P'} ἐμοῦ 24 καὶ ἔσομαι ἄμωμος με{T'} αὐτοῦ καὶ φυλάξομαι ἀπὸ τῆς ἀνομίας μου 25 καὶ ἀνταποδώσει μοι κύριος κατὰ τὴν δικαιοσύνην μου καὶ κατὰ τὴν καθαριότητα τῶν χειρῶν μου ἐνώπιον τῶν ὀφθαλμῶν αὐτοῦ 26 μετὰ ὁσίου ὁσιωθήσῃ καὶ μετὰ ἀνδρὸς ἀθῴου ἀθῷος ἔσῃ 27 καὶ μετὰ ἐκλεκτοῦ ἐκλεκτὸς ἔσῃ καὶ μετὰ στρεβλοῦ διαστρέψεις 28 ὅτι σὺ λαὸν ταπεινὸν σώσεις καὶ ὀφθαλμοὺς ὑπερηφάνων ταπεινώσεις 29 ὅτι σὺ φωτιεῖς λύχνον μου κύριε ὁ θεός μου φωτιεῖς τὸ σκότος μου 30 ὅτι ἐν σοὶ ῥυσθήσομαι ἀπὸ πειρατηρίου καὶ ἐν τῷ θεῷ μου ὑπερβήσομαι τεῖχος 21 So, for my faithfulness, the Lord would requite me, as he sees me guiltless in act, he would make return. 22 Have I not kept true to the Lord’s paths? Have I not been ever loyal to my God? 23 No law of his, but I have kept it before my eyes; no task he laid upon me have I refused; 24 ever stainless in his presence, ever watchful to keep myself clear of guilt, 25 ever faithful, ever guiltless in act, the Lord has requited me. 26 Lovingly wilt thou treat those who love thee, with the loyal keep troth; 27 pure of heart the pure of heart shall find thee, the cunning thou wilt overreach. 28 To humble folk thou wilt bring deliverance; the proud, with their haughty looks, thou wilt bring down to earth. 29 It is thou, Lord, that keepest the lamp of my hopes still burning; shinest on the darkness about me, O my God. 30 In thy strength I will engage a host of the enemy, in my God’s strength I shall leap over all their defences. 21
et retribuet mihi Dominus secundum justitiam meam,
et secundum puritatem manuum mearum retribuet mihi:
quia custodivi vias Domini,
nec impie gessi a Deo meo;
quoniam omnia judicia ejus in conspectu meo,
et justitias ejus non repuli a me.
Et ero immaculatus cum eo;
et observabo me ab iniquitate mea.
Et retribuet mihi Dominus secundum justitiam meam,
et secundum puritatem manuum mearum in conspectu oculorum ejus.
Cum sancto sanctus eris,
et cum viro innocente innocens eris,
et cum electo electus eris,
et cum perverso perverteris.
Quoniam tu populum humilem salvum facies,
et oculos superborum humiliabis.
Quoniam tu illuminas lucernam meam, Domine;
Deus meus, illumina tenebras meas.
Quoniam in te eripiar a tentatione;
et in Deo meo transgrediar murum.
31 ὁ θεός μου ἄμωμος ἡ ὁδὸς αὐτοῦ τὰ λόγια κυρίου πεπυρωμένα ὑπερασπιστής ἐστιν πάντων τῶν ἐλπιζόντων ἐ{P'} αὐτόν 32 ὅτι τίς θεὸς πλὴν τοῦ κυρίου καὶ τίς θεὸς πλὴν τοῦ θεοῦ ἡμῶν 33 ὁ θεὸς ὁ περιζωννύων με δύναμιν καὶ ἔθετο ἄμωμον τὴν ὁδόν μου 34 ὁ καταρτιζόμενος τοὺς πόδας μου ὡς ἐλάφου καὶ ἐπὶ τὰ ὑψηλὰ ἱστῶν με 35 διδάσκων χεῖράς μου εἰς πόλεμον καὶ ἔθου τόξον χαλκοῦν τοὺς βραχίονάς μου 36 καὶ ἔδωκάς μοι ὑπερασπισμὸν σωτηρίας μου καὶ ἡ δεξιά σου ἀντελάβετό μου καὶ ἡ παιδεία σου ἀνώρθωσέν με εἰς τέλος καὶ ἡ παιδεία σου αὐτή με διδάξει 37 ἐπλάτυνας τὰ διαβήματά μου ὑποκάτω μου καὶ οὐκ ἠσθένησαν τὰ ἴχνη μου 38 καταδιώξω τοὺς ἐχθρούς μου καὶ καταλήμψομαι αὐτοὺς καὶ οὐκ ἀποστραφήσομαι ἕως ἂν ἐκλίπωσιν 39 ἐκθλίψω αὐτούς καὶ οὐ μὴ δύνωνται στῆναι πεσοῦνται ὑπὸ τοὺς πόδας μου 40 καὶ περιέζωσάς με δύναμιν εἰς πόλεμον συνεπόδισας πάντας τοὺς ἐπανιστανομένους ἐ{P'} ἐμὲ ὑποκάτω μου 41 καὶ τοὺς ἐχθρούς μου ἔδωκάς μοι νῶτον καὶ τοὺς μισοῦντάς με ἐξωλέθρευσας 42 ἐκέκραξαν καὶ οὐκ ἦν ὁ σῴζων πρὸς κύριον καὶ οὐκ εἰσήκουσεν αὐτῶν 43 καὶ λεπτυνῶ αὐτοὺς ὡς χοῦν κατὰ πρόσωπον ἀνέμου ὡς πηλὸν πλατειῶν λεανῶ αὐτούς 31 Such is my God, unsullied in his dealings; his promises are like metal tested in the fire; he is the sure defence of all who trust in him. 32 Who but the Lord is God? What other refuge can there be, except our God? 33 It is he that girds me with strength, bids me go on my way untroubled. 34 He makes me sure-footed as the deer, and gives me the freedom of the hills; 35 these hands, through him, are skilled in battle, these arms are a match for any bow of bronze. 36 Thy saving power, Lord, is my defence, thy right hand supports me; thy tender care fosters me. 37 Through thee, my steps are untrammelled as I go, my tread never falters; 38 I can overtake the enemies I pursue, and never turn home till I have made an end of them; 39 I can beat them to their knees, and hurl them down at my feet. 40 Thou girdest me about with a warrior’s strength; whatever power challenges me, thou dost subdue before me, 41 putting my enemies to flight, and throwing all their malice into confusion. 42 Loudly they cry out to the Lord, bereft of aid, but he makes no answer to their cries. 43 I can crush them to pieces, like the dust which the wind blows along; I can trample them down like mire from the streets. 31
Deus meus, impolluta via ejus;
eloquia Domini igne examinata:
protector est omnium sperantium in se.
Quoniam quis deus præter Dominum?
aut quis deus præter Deum nostrum?
Deus qui præcinxit me virtute,
et posuit immaculatam viam meam;
qui perfecit pedes meos tamquam cervorum,
et super excelsa statuens me;
qui docet manus meas ad prælium.
Et posuisti, ut arcum æreum, brachia mea,
et dedisti mihi protectionem salutis tuæ:
et dextera tua suscepit me,
et disciplina tua correxit me in finem,
et disciplina tua ipsa me docebit.
Dilatasti gressus meos subtus me,
et non sunt infirmata vestigia mea.
Persequar inimicos meos, et comprehendam illos;
et non convertar donec deficiant.
Confringam illos, nec poterunt stare;
cadent subtus pedes meos.
Et præcinxisti me virtute ad bellum,
et supplantasti insurgentes in me subtus me.
Et inimicos meos dedisti mihi dorsum,
et odientes me disperdidisti.
Clamaverunt, nec erat qui salvos faceret;
ad Dominum, nec exaudivit eos.
Et comminuam eos ut pulverem ante faciem venti;
ut lutum platearum delebo eos.
44 ῥύσῃ με ἐξ ἀντιλογιῶν λαοῦ καταστήσεις με εἰς κεφαλὴν ἐθνῶν λαός ὃν οὐκ ἔγνων ἐδούλευσέν μοι 45 εἰς ἀκοὴν ὠτίου ὑπήκουσέν μοι υἱοὶ ἀλλότριοι ἐψεύσαντό μοι 46 υἱοὶ ἀλλότριοι ἐπαλαιώθησαν καὶ ἐχώλαναν ἀπὸ τῶν τρίβων αὐτῶν 47 ζῇ κύριος καὶ εὐλογητὸς ὁ θεός μου καὶ ὑψωθήτω ὁ θεὸς τῆς σωτηρίας μου 48 ὁ θεὸς ὁ διδοὺς ἐκδικήσεις ἐμοὶ καὶ ὑποτάξας λαοὺς ὑ{P'} ἐμέ 49 ὁ ῥύστης μου ἐξ ἐχθρῶν μου ὀργίλων ἀπὸ τῶν ἐπανιστανομένων ἐ{P'} ἐμὲ ὑψώσεις με ἀπὸ ἀνδρὸς ἀδίκου ῥύσῃ με 50 διὰ τοῦτο ἐξομολογήσομαί σοι ἐν ἔθνεσιν κύριε καὶ τῷ ὀνόματί σου ψαλῶ 51 μεγαλύνων τὰς σωτηρίας τοῦ βασιλέως αὐτοῦ καὶ ποιῶν ἔλεος τῷ χριστῷ αὐτοῦ τῷ Δαυιδ καὶ τῷ σπέρματι αὐτοῦ ἕως αἰῶνος 44 Nor was it enough, of domestic broils to rid me; a world should be my vassal; 45 new realms should pay me homage, quick to do my bidding. 46 See where they come, the alien born, come slinking out of their strongholds, pale of cheek, to cringe before me. 47 Blessed be the living Lord who is my refuge, praised be the God who delivers me! 48 It is thou, my God, that bringest me redress, that bendest peoples to my will, that savest me from the spite of my enemies: 49 so that I am high above the reach of their assaults, proof against their violence. 50 Then, Lord, I will give thee thanks in the hearing of all the nations, singing in praise of thy name; 51 victory thy mercy grants to the King thou hast anointed, to David, and David’s line for ever. 44
Eripies me de contradictionibus populi;
constitues me in caput gentium.
Populus quem non cognovi servivit mihi;
in auditu auris obedivit mihi.
Filii alieni mentiti sunt mihi,
filii alieni inveterati sunt,
et claudicaverunt a semitis suis.
Vivit Dominus, et benedictus Deus meus,
et exaltetur Deus salutis meæ.
Deus qui das vindictas mihi,
et subdis populos sub me;
liberator meus de inimicis meis iracundis.
Et ab insurgentibus in me exaltabis me;
a viro iniquo eripies me.
Propterea confitebor tibi in nationibus, Domine,
et nomini tuo psalmum dicam;
magnificans salutes regis ejus,
et faciens misericordiam christo suo David,
et semini ejus usque in sæculum.
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